Stage 4

INTERIOR restoration, Conservation and enhancement works

  • Restoration/reconstruction/relocation of organ. Supply of new console and cantoris organ installed on north transept wall.
  • Expansion of choir loft to allow for organ installation
  • Replacement  of cathedral floor to narthex, baptistry, side aisles, nave, crossing and transept - polished concrete
  • Relocation of altar and removal of altar steps to reinstate Comatesque pattern    
  • Removal of baptismal font from front of cathedral  to original position in baptistry (under bell tower)
    Restore baptistry - painting, floor level lowered
  • Lighting, electrical, fire prevention and audio systems upgraded
  • Restoration of all stained glass windows
  • Replacement of triptych over main altar
  • Repainting of entire interior of cathedral - all colours remain the same.
  • Reinstatement of latin lettering to drum of cathedral and baptistry
  • New airlock to south transept entrance (Our Lady's altar side)
  • Lifting of floor to Nun's tribune
  • Repadding of pews
  • Restoration, enhancement and securing of statues.
  • Brass image of Bishop Kelly to be placed under floor, over burial site, with glass top.
  • Restoration of crypt - removal of additions to Our Lady of Sorrows altar, repair of St Joseph's altar, paving of floor. 
  • Refurbishment of confessionals


(External WORKS)

  • Removal of toilets and restoration of cathedral walls
  • Sealing of  car park
  • Widening of  Maitland St entrance
  • Installation of  car stops in front of light poles
  • Installation of electonic bollards at entrances
  • Planting of hedge around labyrinth
  • Planting of olive trees in forecourt garden



Sanctuary floor showing Comatesque pattern Original altar with triptych Triptych to be replaced Original baptistry
Latin lettering on drum of dome English lettering Brass image of Bishop Kelly Our Lady of Sorrows altar in crypt


Mid West Development Commission - Government of Western Australia
Centrals Earth Moving
Supa IGA
Mitchell & Brown
Geraldton Toyota
Crothers Construction
Market Creations and Geraldton Data Centre
Bataiva Health
G.P.C Earthmoving
Sisters of St John
Sisters of Nazareth
Pallotine Community Society of the Catholic Apostolate
St John of God Healthcare
Knights of the Southern Cross (WA) Incorporated
Presentation Sisters
Congregation of Christian Brothers
Dominican Sisters of WA