STAGE 4  -  Interior Works

June 2017

Work began on the restoration of the  Cathedral.  

Some of the vinyl floor tiles were removed.





A platform was built outside the Southern Transept to allow a Bobcat, which will be driven into the Cathedral, to unload rubble directly into trucks below the platform.




The bobcat removing the floor slab.



A smaller machine was required for the aisles and between the pillars.

The altar has been removed and will be relocated further into the sanctuary.

The Baptismal Font will be relocated

July  2017

The choir loft will be increased in size to accommodate the organ. 

A  paint scrape on the ceiling of the  Baptistry has revealed the stars that were on the ceiling and covered up in the 1970's.  These will be reinstated.

The removal of the slab from the Baptistry Floor has revealed the original  black and white stone  floor and the base of the pedestal for the Baptismal Font.  This floor pattern wilil be restored and the Baptismal Font replaced on the pedestal.

The toilet block has been removed from the side of the Cathedral.  The wall will be restored to its original state.

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