Grain Donation Information

Name of Charity: Geraldton Catholic Cathedral Restoration Project.

Note: Although this is a donation, DO NOT FOLLOW THE USUAL DONATION PROCESS as this creates more complexity for both the donor and the charity.


  1. Log  into your CBH Loadnet account.
  2. Hover your mouse over NOMINATE on the blue menu bar.
  3. Click on TRANSFER in the drop down menu
  4. Choose your Account No., the season, and the commodity from the drop down boxes.
  5. Select the Account No. of the Cathedral (20236394)
  6. Click on SELECT LOADS and select the loads you wish to transfer to the Cathedral
  7. Click on TRANSFER LOADS
  8. ENSURE ALL DETAILS ARE CORRECT  then click on CONFIRM TRANSFER. A printable receipt will open in a new window.


  1. Step 1. Ring the CBH Grower Services Centre and have at hand:
    1. Your CBH Delivery No.
    2. The Project’s Delivery No. (20236394).
    3. Load No for the tonnes you wish to donate at hand.
  2. The recorded message will ask you to select a division to which you want to speak. Select 1.
  3. Explain you want to transfer tonnes to another delivery number and they will ask for the details as mentioned in Step1 (Delivery No’s and Load No.).

If you are having any problems with this, help is available by phoning (Jerome Critch (0488 404 848)

Grain Donations: I have allocated grain to the SFX Cathedral Precinct Project.

Grain Dontation Form
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