The Geraldton Bells

As part of the SFX Cathedral Precinct Project, it has been  proposed to install a full carillon of 27 bells in the Cathedral’s western  towers.  The towers  have been  certified by an engineer as capable of housing the proposed carillon.  The bells will be suspended from   steel frames to be constructed within the towers.

The foundation of the carillon is a set of eight bells that have  been obtained from the parish church of Saints Peter and Paul in Godalming, England.

A further  19 bells are to be manufactured by John Taylor Bells, Loughborough, England, to make the full carillon.


                                              A view inside John Taylor Bells, England

Partnering with the  Geraldton Community

In the tradition of great bell carillons and bells in general being rung for significant community events, so too will the “Geraldton Bells” ring out on important occasions, providing a sense of solemnity and a focal point for the Geraldton community


The bells will ring the hours of the day (but not at night) and will play a variety of tunes for several minutes twice a day (12 noon and 6pm). On Sundays the bells will  herald each Mass and play after the Solemn Sunday Mass.

They will also feature in occasional concerts held in the Cathedral or Cathedral grounds and be available for weddings, funerals and other occasions.

September 2017    

  Bishop Michael Morrissey visited the foundry in Loughborough and blessed the bells as the first of the new ones were cast.


Mr Laith Reynolds of Perth, part owner of John Taylor Bells.


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